I haven’t written for awhile, I guess life was starting to take away one of the few things I love or rather take away my ability to love, who I am and who I was are merely an elusion fuelled by who I should be. I’m not saying there’s something wrong with me, there’s something wrong with this world that’s changing me.

The lack of humanity is an influence to my reality, I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad, angry or relieved it’s like my sanity is drifting away from me too. Tell me am I the only one who’s wishing for a change, hoping love won’t be redefined in the next generation. Violent acts uplifted in the name of love, its the influence of negative minds on the creation and improvement in technology, corruption at its best mentality.

I’m sorry to the children who will live in an Era supporting poverty, we just couldn’t see the wealth in a united front, instead we created racial separation blinded by the lust of money and fame.

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