Sometimes I look at people and think about how that person came to be who they are, was it peer pressure or unfortunate events from the past. It’s the influence we have in each other’s lives that brings about negative and positive outcomes alike.

I’m a fan of Growth because it carries with it my true potential and my ability to succeed, with role models like Prince EA or Martin Luther, it’s detrimental for young minds to look upon the greatest men and women to have ever lived because it pushes them to be a respectable adult.

Some teenagers become the worst version of themselves because they have wealth or abundance of resources that they never learn the importance of a foundation, this foundation becomes the core of their personality which will influence positive growth like respectibility from adults or peers or negative growth like stubbornness which is often linked to early drug abuse and alcoholism.

The mind is a powerful entity, what we ought to teach our children is social and financial independence, this will enable them to learn the basics of what it means to be an adult at an early age. Even now we have adults that act like teenagers and this is what we need to change if we are to move forward.

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