Success is our responsibility, we should never expect any favors from anyone or think that someone will take the responsibility away from us, you know the moment you moved out from your parents house you became your own responsibility, the rules you will live by are set by you, the basics were taught to you from a young age through school and even by our parents.

The future needs a strong foundation which means time management and discipline must be engraved within you, you don’t want to find yourself in the same place 5years from now as that can be painful and cause damage to your mental health, you may ask what’s more important between physical and mental health, they are both of importance, your mind works best when you are physically at your best.

Everything has an action reaction and the effects of a negative mindset is a negative life believe it or not but every negative thing you think or say has a way of getting back to you like karma, it’s our duty to steer our lives in the direction that supports development although not taking the lead won’t mean time won’t move. Time is the most valuable resource but it comes in short supply do not waste it.

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