Growth is the ability to be independent, it ranges from financial independence which then fuels our ability to survive regardless of our guardian or parents. In our current day to day world its becoming harder and harder to be independent since there is a short supply of jobs to the unemployed, meanwhile we face a crisis entitled covid-19.

The moment we entered into lockdown, it was automatically guaranteed that some would loose their jobs and there would be an increase in retrenchment throughout the whole country which led to an economic decline as no foreign currency seemed to be moving. Imagine the impact of lockdown on the homeless, would you say its humane to implement lockdown.

We ought to put ourselves in their shoes, fewer people on the street meant no food to the homeless, we can’t blame covid for human error, it shows how immature an individual can be for not  taking responsibility for their actions, this is not growth, it’s cowardly acts that limit growth in order for our leaders to control an average individual and push corruption.

What’s sad is we can’t do anything about it, everyone who gets in that position will think the same way, is this how we want our kids to live their lives, being victimized by corrupt men.

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