It’s not us who is to blame, that’s what we always say when we do things that go against the positive moral code, our lives are classified according to levels of behavior that we live by in our day to day lives.

Not everyone was born with capabilities to do the right thing, if it was so there would not be mental institutions or support groups to help individuals control their violent surges/episodes.

It’s about how we can work together to better our chances of achieving great success, true success comes with unity and a set of responsibilities that are not possible to handle if you are only focused on yourself.

Humans ought to be united, all these racism comes from separation, we are all the same regardless of how we look or were we come from, you get cut we all bleed, there is nothing like black and white blood. Think about the children growing under the influence of violent media, this is how Phsychopaths are created and serial killers are groomed, they grow up believing in inferiority or superiority creating separation from a young age.


Growth is the ability to be independent, it ranges from financial independence which then fuels our ability to survive regardless of our guardian or parents. In our current day to day world its becoming harder and harder to be independent since there is a short supply of jobs to the unemployed, meanwhile we face a crisis entitled covid-19.

The moment we entered into lockdown, it was automatically guaranteed that some would loose their jobs and there would be an increase in retrenchment throughout the whole country which led to an economic decline as no foreign currency seemed to be moving. Imagine the impact of lockdown on the homeless, would you say its humane to implement lockdown.

We ought to put ourselves in their shoes, fewer people on the street meant no food to the homeless, we can’t blame covid for human error, it shows how immature an individual can be for not  taking responsibility for their actions, this is not growth, it’s cowardly acts that limit growth in order for our leaders to control an average individual and push corruption.

What’s sad is we can’t do anything about it, everyone who gets in that position will think the same way, is this how we want our kids to live their lives, being victimized by corrupt men.


Success is our responsibility, we should never expect any favors from anyone or think that someone will take the responsibility away from us, you know the moment you moved out from your parents house you became your own responsibility, the rules you will live by are set by you, the basics were taught to you from a young age through school and even by our parents.

The future needs a strong foundation which means time management and discipline must be engraved within you, you don’t want to find yourself in the same place 5years from now as that can be painful and cause damage to your mental health, you may ask what’s more important between physical and mental health, they are both of importance, your mind works best when you are physically at your best.

Everything has an action reaction and the effects of a negative mindset is a negative life believe it or not but every negative thing you think or say has a way of getting back to you like karma, it’s our duty to steer our lives in the direction that supports development although not taking the lead won’t mean time won’t move. Time is the most valuable resource but it comes in short supply do not waste it.


Sometimes I look at people and think about how that person came to be who they are, was it peer pressure or unfortunate events from the past. It’s the influence we have in each other’s lives that brings about negative and positive outcomes alike.

I’m a fan of Growth because it carries with it my true potential and my ability to succeed, with role models like Prince EA or Martin Luther, it’s detrimental for young minds to look upon the greatest men and women to have ever lived because it pushes them to be a respectable adult.

Some teenagers become the worst version of themselves because they have wealth or abundance of resources that they never learn the importance of a foundation, this foundation becomes the core of their personality which will influence positive growth like respectibility from adults or peers or negative growth like stubbornness which is often linked to early drug abuse and alcoholism.

The mind is a powerful entity, what we ought to teach our children is social and financial independence, this will enable them to learn the basics of what it means to be an adult at an early age. Even now we have adults that act like teenagers and this is what we need to change if we are to move forward.


I haven’t written for awhile, I guess life was starting to take away one of the few things I love or rather take away my ability to love, who I am and who I was are merely an elusion fuelled by who I should be. I’m not saying there’s something wrong with me, there’s something wrong with this world that’s changing me.

The lack of humanity is an influence to my reality, I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad, angry or relieved it’s like my sanity is drifting away from me too. Tell me am I the only one who’s wishing for a change, hoping love won’t be redefined in the next generation. Violent acts uplifted in the name of love, its the influence of negative minds on the creation and improvement in technology, corruption at its best mentality.

I’m sorry to the children who will live in an Era supporting poverty, we just couldn’t see the wealth in a united front, instead we created racial separation blinded by the lust of money and fame.