Fake Love

Imagine being in a relationship with someone you share a passion with. Each moment you spend together is like a dream come true and you just don’t want that dream to end.

Majority of people we meet just want to be loved by someone who wont leave them however people are more afraid of losing someone they might fall for to a point where they prevent themselves from falling in love entirely, this might seem selfish at a glance but the moment you hear their story that is when you begin to understand why a person turned out that way and I think that’s the person we need to find.

A person who will understand why you became the way you are and not someone who will control and manipulate us into getting what they want which can usually be money or sex, in the worst case a combination of the two.

What You Ought To Accomplish!

The world constantly changes and the people from poor families suffer the most, what would normally be a safe neighborhood begins to experience an increase in criminal activities and who is to blame for such an outcome.

South Africa constantly faces difficulties that the number of disadvantaged people increases on a daily bases with levels of crime sky rocketing all because someone is afraid to put in the time to work for themselves, although the country itself is to blame for the corruption blooming in the country, i can successfully deduct that everyone is following the examples given to us by corrupt leaders.

The same corrupt leaders corrupting the country expect the youth to vote while placing pressure on father figures in order for us to follow the traditional line that leads to the very same problems we seek to escape. This manner of greed generates the same cycle throughout every generation leading to a steady drop in the countries reputation as an investment destination however the fault of this economic crash is a problem for everyone within the borders of South Africa resorting to a means of theft in order to survive instead of using their head to generate rich ideas to build wealth.

My Mind Erupts

Social media is more like my personal diary, a place for my thoughts to float around on the internet in order to collectively unite in my writings and form a clearer picture, i write for me and sometimes to fill the hole my heart contains, to find myself in my thoughts as i scribble down emotions and various perspectives of my life in a poetic manner.

At the forefront of my emotions there my social life blooms on a thorny bush, wanting to connect but fleeing from connection in fear of negative people wishing to bring me down out of their jealousy of my success. I feel sorry for them but what can i do about a difficult situation they face, it is not I who ought to change but them who need to learn more skills to overcome their challenges.

My paragraphs are all over the place with a mixture of main ideas, that is the description of my mind and thoughts running around out of control, a mixture of ideas. I cannot fully grasp full concept of one thing without another interest arising but discipline encourages me to push through difficulty and focus on one thing at a time, my very own strict parent encouraging me to be better than the larger collective.


The cries you hear suffocate the life out of me
Slowly eradicating the existence of happiness
Seeds of pain multiplying the effectiveness of rain
The tears of pain watering the existent pain

There he sits surrounded by pain
Darkness, shadows laughing at him
Sebastian feels cold

The warmth of love
Fleeing from every perspective I’ve seen
Darkness creeps in like a snail slowly moving to inflict the memories of darkness
Death of the soul
The pain that covers me whole
Lack of ideas
The pain that holds me down to sin
Negative growth in me darkness I’ve known